Ski Clothing Maintain The Original Performance

Ski suits when you are how to deal with it, Ski Clothing is a regiment thrown into the closet deep absurd school, or a neat collection of good Virgo it? Whichever you are, please wash your clothes and put it in the closet.

Find a large pot that can be soaked in snow clothes, Ski Clothing water temperature 20-30 degrees, into the high-grade neutral detergent (powder) into the water, stir evenly.

Put the ski suit completely into it and press it completely into the water.

About 3-5 minutes or so completely soaked, Ski Clothing hand gently rubbing snow clothes (to avoid rubbing), so that the natural flow of dirty water, if the snow serious local pollution, with a neutral detergent directly on the clothes, with a soft brush Scrub can be, in order to avoid the surface of the ball off the ball better cleaning.

Lift the clothes, until the natural water outflow, Ski Clothing rinse with plenty of water, Ski Clothing and then dry with a dry towel on the clothes moisture.

Suspended in a cool and ventilated place natural dry, Ski Clothing restore the effect of water repellent method is to dry after drying, with a hot iron in the ironing iron.

Snow clothes accessories, the same with a neutral detergent wipe, Ski Clothing not easy to wash away the stains can be used 50-60 degrees of warm water can be rubbed.

Washing and collection should also be noted: as clean, dry, pest control, mildew, Ski Clothing possession of suitcase cabinet to clean, dry, sealed, clothing should not be long-term extrusion storage.

Sun exposure clothing to be enough to stop, Ski Clothing to avoid long-term acceptance of sunshine UV radiation should not be long-term extrusion storage.

Use a dry white cloth, napkin or hand care carefully with a handkerchief.

If you can not remove the dirt, please use disinfectant alcohol (70%) of the white cloth in the stained parts with your fingers from the inside of the knock until the stains to the white cloth so far.

Then, if the surface is still stained, and then from the surface with alcohol rubbed cloth.

Alcohol wiped the place will reduce the water resistance, Ski Clothing so washed as dry as possible after spraying spray spray can maintain the original performance.

First, Ski Clothing the waterproof layer is a combination of fiber in the material, the common GORETEX and Toray's material, this material can not be soaked in alkaline water, will cause degradation of the waterproof layer;

Second, the decolorization is a more common problem, red, pink snow clothes especially obvious, color fastness in alkaline solution drastically reduced, Ski Clothing on the other hand is the impact of sunlight, if the red ski suit is sun, will gradually Into a crimson.

High-end snow cleaning must follow the following principles:

1, where the dirty scrub, which is not dirty do not wash, ski suits generally will not be dirty, just cleaning sweat; clean place just water a bit to prevent the color fade; dirty local hard scrub about;

2, be sure to use the neutral liquid detergent, or wash the spirit, Ski Clothing are very good neutral detergent, do not add sterilization, softener;

3, a lot of clothes have a sponsor trademark, and can not be washed together with the sticky, Ski Clothing or will pull hair, so be sure to buckle a good button, Ski Clothing pull the zipper wash. Hand wash the best, no time to hand wash, washing machine can also be gentle mode.

4, cold water washing, do not heat the water to prevent the plastic glue;

5, do not sun exposure in the sun to prevent bright color snow decay.