Ski Clothing How To Deal With

How do you deal with the ski suit when you don't use it, is it a group into a closet in the depths of the bold and unconstrained, or a neat collection of Virgo? Whatever you are, please clean the ski suit and put it in the closet.

1. Find a large basin that can fully soak the snow clothing, Ski Clothing water temperature 20-30 degrees, into the high-grade neutral laundry liquid (powder) into the water, stir evenly.

2 Put the ski suit fully into it and press it into the water completely.

3 about 3-5 minutes or so after completely soaking, with the hand gently rubbing the snow clothing (to avoid rubbing), so that natural water outflow, Ski Clothing if the snow clothing local serious pollution, Ski Clothing with neutral detergent directly on the clothes, with a soft brush wash can be, to avoid the surface of the opposite side of the ball cleaning better

4 to mention clothes, after the natural outflow of dirty water, with a large amount of rinse rinse, and then dry towel sticky dry clothes on the moisture.

5 hanging in a cool ventilated place naturally dry, the way to restore the effect of splashing water after washing and drying, with the medium temperature steam iron ironing.

6 Snow Clothing accessories, Ski Clothing the same with neutral detergent, not too easy to wash off stains can be 50-60 degrees of warm water rub.

7 Washing and collection should also pay attention to: as far as possible clean, Ski Clothing dry, insect-proof, mildew, hide suitcase cabinets to clean, dry, sealed, clothing should not be long-term squeeze storage.

8th Light insolation Clothing should be enough to avoid long-term acceptance of sunlight ultraviolet radiation is not suitable for long-term squeeze storage.

Use a dry cloth, napkin, or handkerchief to gently pinch and clean.

If you still can not remove dirt, please use the disinfectant alcohol (70%) of the white cloth on the spot with the finger from the inside to knock, until the stain on the white cloth.

After that, if there is still a stain on the surface, wipe off the surface with an alcoholic cloth.

Where the alcohol has been wiped will reduce water resistance, Ski Clothing so spray water after drying as far as possible to maintain the original performance of spray.

Dispose of water-soluble dirt, first use napkin or handkerchief to absorb dirt.

Use a napkin or towel to clean the stain and absorb the water.

Then use a dry napkin or towel to absorb the spot of the ski suit that was wiped with water.

After repeated wiping, finally use dry towels or napkins to absorb excess moisture.