Ski Clothing How To Choose And Buy

The ski suit is generally divided into competitive wear and travel clothing. The competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the competition project, focusing on the improvement of athletic performance. Travel clothes are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. The colors of the ski suit are usually very bright, which is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety. If in high skiing in the mountains, especially in the steep hillside, away from the construction of ski area prone to collapse or lost, in this case the bright clothing for provides a good vision.

Since the ski event is a sport in a cold environment, therefore, when choosing lingerie had better not cotton products, and made of special material co. Close-fitting, breathable and can let sweat molecules give underwear. Its inner layer has a single-layer core suction effect of chemical fiber material, itself not to absorb water, the outer layer is cotton products, can absorb sweat liquid in cotton products, the effect is very good.

When skiing, it is inevitable to fall down. If you don't have a jumpsuit, the snow falls from the neck, wrist, collar and so on. The solution to this problem is very simple, only want a pair of nylon cotton knit to make a flexible long tube knee, a wide band protector and a scarf to solve the problem. Clothing categories: double plate conjoined: traditional clothing, benefit is not let the clothes into the snow, conjoined design, but the action is not convenient, has been eliminated, almost rarely sales, has been replaced by the fission

If you buy a ski suit

First, you should not choose clothing that is too small or tightly packed (except for professional matches), which will limit the glide action while gliding. The coat should be loose, the length of sleeve should be extended to the upper arm slightly longer than the wrist is standard, the cuff should be the contraction of the mouth and have adjustable elastic function. The collar should be upright and high collar to prevent cold air from entering. The length of the trousers should be the length of the pants Angle to the ankle length. The lower opening of the pant leg has a double layer structure. The inner layer has the elastic seal with anti-skid rubber, which can tighten tightly on the ski boots, which can effectively prevent the snow. The inside of the outer layer has wear-resistant hard lining, preventing the ski boots from bumping into each other and causing the outer damage.

Secondly, from the structure, ski jacket has two forms: snowsuit and snowsuit. It's easy to wear a ski suit, but pants must be high waist when choosing, and it's best to have braces and a soft belt. The jacket must be loose, choose between the waist and the belt or belt to prevent the snow from falling from the waist into the ski suit. Arms up and down the sleeves should not be too tight, rather longer, because the upper extremity is in a kind of omni-directional movement in skiing, especially for beginners. Even the structure of the ski suit is simple and comfortable to avoid the snow, but it is more difficult to wear. According to the author's experience, it is convenient to skate with a ski suit.

Third, because our country most ski resort is in inland, belongs to the cold, dry climate, low temperature, the wind is big, types a hard snow, so from the point of view of materials, a suit of outside material should choose wear-resisting tore, wind, wind treatment on the surface of the nylon or blowout tore cloth material is better. For the most part, given China's ski run cableway is not enclosed, coupled with the air temperature is low, so a suit of inner heat preservation material should choose good hollow cotton cloth or cotton, dupont for skiers when taking the cable car to provide a good thermal conditions. According to my experience, a ski suit is better than a ski suit.

Fourth, from the point of view of color, had better choose to form a larger white contrast of red, orange, sky blue, or a variety of colors eye-catching colors, one is add charm to the sport, more major is to provide a striking sign for other skiers, in order to avoid collision accident.

Fifthly, the opening of the ski jacket is mainly zipper, which can be easily operated when wearing gloves. To have several open convenient in the big pocket, so that some commonly used ski classify ground load, easy to use due to the often need to use hand to ski equipment and hold poles, so ski gloves to wide, want to choose five fingers separate. The gloved hand is long, best can cover the cuff, if can have the elastic band seal, can effectively prevent the snow to enter. The ski cap is best to use a set head type, it only reveals the first half of the face, can prevent the cold wind to the face injury, is especially important to the lady. All in all, a comfortable, beautiful ski suit plus your graceful glide attitude is sure to bring you a wonderful enjoyment.

Sixth, because often need to use hand to ski equipment and hold ski rod, so ski gloves to wide, choose five fingers separate, glove wrist, best can cover the cuffs, such as can have elastic sealing, can effectively prevent access of snow. The ski cap is best to use a set head type, it only reveals the first half of the face, can prevent cold wind to blow to the face, to the lady is particularly important.