Ski Clothing And Not Necessarily Only In The Snow Field

Windproof Waterproof street Ski Clothing style snow clothing, and not necessarily only in the snow field wear, the outside of the weekday wearing is entirely different styles. To do a new attempt, whether as warm winter or to reduce the body of the burden, like an alien absolutely Ski Clothing becomes the bright eye scenery of the streets.

As far as the length of snow, try to buy long. Ski Clothing Fall or sit on the snow can wrap the hips, reduce snow accidentally into the clothes inside, otherwise waiting to go home Baki!

In the snow clothing wearing a cap shirt, preferably black gray, at the higher temperatures, directly wearing a ski hat shirt, or with a coach jacket, with the ski when the wind blowing clothes slightly jitter, a sharp look absolutely pro style. When the temperature is low, put the snow Ski Clothing clothes on, remember to put the hat of the shirt tilted 45 ° wearing in the snow cap, remember! Oblique 45 °!! Can prevent the neck rear ventilation, but also protects the ear. The key is too much fan.

Fast dry clothes outside can be set on ski long T-shirt, many times hot will take off the snow clothing, especially in the snow with the lobby lounge or at dinner, Ski Clothing wearing a hot snow clothing, take off the snow clothing will be your body sketch as a Michelin endorsement general, for your good image, listen to my, Accessories long t-shirt!

T-shirt outside the jacket loose cap shirt, hem show a little T-shirt edge, rich level sense is also more and more popular collocation way.

Whether from the design trim or function, the snow suits and the charging clothes is totally not the same thing, do not confuse, with the factory say: do a snow Ski Clothing clothing time, can make more than 5 pieces of charge clothes!

Snow clothing waterproof Ski Clothing breathable and warmth is a professional indicator, do not expect ordinary coats down jacket can be replaced by the use of a moment, you can not slip by the wind blowing through the hearts of cool, wet.

The fabric of the embryo after the selection, Ski Clothing need to collate again, abbreviation after finishing. That is, with a layer of microporous membranes, the film is full of tiny holes, the diameter of the holes is far smaller than the water molecules, thus preventing the water Ski Clothing molecules into the effect of waterproof.

Water molecules and gas molecules like that and what, the diameter of the microporous, although far smaller than the water molecules, but far more than the moisture molecules, so sweat caused by the moisture can be evaporated through these pores, to achieve the effect of ventilation moisture.

In the snow jacket is usually coupled with a large pocket of the snow mirror, outside the sleeve added to the snow tickets for the small pocket, jacket will be Ski Clothing designed to hang the glove position.

Lining with snow skirt, in the snow pants to complete the cohesion, prevent falls after the clothes are rubbed up snow poured into, as well as gale weather from below to pour the wind.

Founded in 1952, Phenix, Japan, has sponsored Norwegian national ski teams since 1993, and has been the sole sponsor of the Japanese Ski Alliance 2006, and has been selected by many Japanese skiers. The epic waterproof fabric used by Phenix (the American Marine Corps Special Outdoor uniform material) can not only prevent the temperature from falling due to evaporation, and the washing resistance is 10 times times the past waterproof material.