New Waterproof Swim Trunks From The Water That Do Not Get Wet

Fulanke·Xiao, 19 years old from Canada in Toronto. His theory through the recoil starter, invented his Frank Anthony Superhydrophobic swimming trunks. In swimming trunks on sale after 15 days, he earned far more money than the original set of 10000 dollars, but earned $ 45000.

He told the daily mail: "I wanted to design a bathing suit, people wear it, sit on the beach enjoying the Sun during the day, going to the gym running, into the town at night. Day clothes are dry. ”

The bathing suit he designed in Italy, between the prices range from $ 43 to $ 62. It is made from Switzerland made hydrophobic nanotechnology fabric, the principle of which is polyester, to stop all the water absorption of the substance.

Frank explains: "when swimming trunks when you touch the water, this material will be created around the shorts around a surface air and prevent the infiltration of water through nano-whiskers in. "He would not say what Switzerland produced this kind of material. But he made clear that this swimming trunks and swimming trunks on the market than can greatly reduce drying time up to 95%.