Jackets Temperament And Style

Jackets are more common autumn and winter season clothes style, for men, choose their own jacket is not only warm and very fashionable. In the selection and purchase of jackets, Jackets should be from the fabric, cutting methods, lines design, design and other aspects to pick, to set off a more personal temperament and style.

Jackets, also known as "jacket", refers to the length of a short, wide bust, tight cuffs, tight pendulum style jacket. There are lapel, collar collar, collar collar, Jackets rib collar and so on. So, how to choose the suit for your own

1, fabric: jacket fabric selection range is very wide, high-grade fabrics are natural leather wool, leather, horse and so on and wool polyester blended, Jackets wool blended and to be treated high-level chemical fiber blended or pure chemical fiber fabric; All kinds of medium-length fiber tweed, polyester / cotton rainproof poplin, nylon silk, TC poplin, rubber silk, imitation sheepskin, etc .; according to preferences to choose.

2. Jackets such as the use of vertical lines and a variety of strip-shaped decorative lines, giving a feeling of tall and straight, Jackets suitable for fat type who choose.

3, jacket, such as horizontal lines and decorative lines, and increase the feeling of wide, suitable for thin body type of purchase.

4. Oblique line segmentation and multi-decoration of the former grams, Jackets giving a lively feeling, suitable for young people, especially young women wear.

5. Horizontal segmentation or a variety of geometric graphics decorative jacket, the general size of the young men and women can choose.

6. collar and cuffs or cuffs and hem fabric, color should be consistent, avoid three three-color and three fabrics. Giving the feeling of chaos.

1, modern work family: office workers selected jacket should not be too fancy, but simple style into some of the details of the clever mind, and with a full personality with a single product, Jackets you can express the travel outside the working environment The touch of modern temperament.

2, elegant otaku type: home casual jacket is about comfort, Jackets in the selection of clothes with the first soft and breathable and good warm fabric to start. Followed by the color and style should not be too exaggerated, should be a clean color and leisure style with the main style.

3, urban knight demeanor: lines tough, Jackets rough shape, full of masculine knights installed, but always young men have a type of dress. After the patented jacket jacket and leather pants filled with wild beauty, straight boots will shape more upright, with a bit also evil evil charm.

4, business elite: the use of business suit temperament temperament, on this basis and then covered with both elite and casual style jacket, created by the semi-formal dress, not only with distinctive professional characteristics, more with Fashionable personal dress style. Jackets So that the clothes in the office more active and vivid. The color of the jacket should be slightly deeper than the suit, Jackets the effect of contraction in the visual, will not make the body look bloated.