Jackets Style Change

Jacket as the most common and the most simple style of the coat, since the birth has not had any great style changes, but because the jacket design is simple, by all age class men love a daily dress it is people in the unfettered, Free casual wear in the clothes. It will be simple and natural style show in front of people. In addition to suits, jackets are also essential for men's clothing. Jackets Compared with the suit, the jacket is more unrestrained, sway freely. Smooth lines jacket fit and comfortable, wearing a jacket can give a full of spirit, chic and capable impression. So a simple description of G-STAR male jacket production and design.

Nordic mythology - G-STAR. G-STAR brand legend, simple wind has dominated the beautiful Nordic. The G-STAR brand was founded in 1989 by JOS VAN TILBURG of the Netherlands. G-STAR and other denim brand is different G-STAR provides 16 and style and a variety of washing style, Jackets in maintaining the basic style of cowboy under the premise of each season G-STAR will introduce new style and washing style. G-STAR's brand philosophy is that there is no invisible (image), only the real (product), G-STAR currently not only produces all kinds of jeans, starting from Raw Deneim concept perfusion in other street style costume design in the world Shops selling street clothing in major cities can find traces of G-STAR. And North America and North America by the impact of Japan and South Korea casual wear loose trend, the European casual wear stress and elegance. G-STAR design from the Netherlands unique avant-garde, the most able to delineate the dynamic vitality of young people to give people a strong street style. Jackets Some people say that the G-STAR cowboy series is the product after the 501. G-STAR has developed itself in a tightly developed denim clothing market - down-to-earth, attention to detail, G-STAR's unique development strategy, not only in the Netherlands to establish a solid position in the local market, in recent years more The international market fame. G-Star brand is built on a series with the pair of jeans on the basis of each year we have developed new cloth, washing methods and original design, in order to continue to inject new ideas for the brand. Respect the tradition but not subject to its limitations, the original rough yet stylish style, simple and direct, but also take into account the actual function, which is G-Star's original denim style

If the word through the Dutch brand G-Star spirit, that is: "This is just a product (It's just the product.)" Means that we buy gs, buy gs creative, gs entity, not a Brand, Jackets that is, each of their products are carefully designed and manufactured, they just do their own products, simply say that "the character of all from the product itself," this sentence reflects the g-star product essence Carved jade, but also gives a modest, simple feeling, emphasizing its usual low-key simple everyone familiar with the Nike advertising slogan Just Do It, Just and Just The Product are similar to the wonderful is almost extreme emphasis In addition to the meaning of the surface of the product, Jackets in fact, in the English extension of the meaning can also be included in the whole process of consumer behavior (access to information, choose to buy, purchase implementation, after feeling) to enjoy the service, Jackets Customer delivery value (such as the use of value, brand value).