Jackets Line Design

Jackets are more common in autumn and winter clothing styles, for men, to choose their own jacket is not only warm and stylish. In the selection and purchase of jackets, should be fabrics, cutting methods, line design, patterns and other aspects to choose, to more foil the personal temperament and style.

A jacket, also known as a "jacket," refers to a length jacket with a short, wide bust, tight cuff, and tight hem style. Lapel, collar, collar, rib collar and so on. So how do you pick a jacket that suits you?

1, Fabric: Jacket fabric selection of a wide range, high-grade fabrics have natural leather wool, cowhide, horse and other polyester blended, wool cotton blended, as well as the treatment of advanced chemical fiber blends or pure chemical fiber fabrics; in high-grade fabrics have a variety of medium tweed, polyester-cotton rain-proof poplin, nylon silk, tc poplin, rubber silk, imitation sheepskin and so on; Can choose according to preferences.

2. Jackets such as the use of vertical line division and a variety of bar decorative lines, to the people with a sense of beauty, suitable for fat body selection.

3, the jacket, such as a horizontal line and decorative lines, to increase the feeling of wide, suitable for the elongated body of the purchase.

4. Slash bar segmentation and many decorative front grams, give a lively feeling, suitable for young people especially young women wear.

5. Cross-line split or a variety of geometric decoration of the jacket, the general size of young men and women can be selected.

6. Neckline and cuffs or cuffs and hem of the fabric, color should be consistent, avoid three colors and three kinds of fabrics. Give people a sense of disorder.

1, modern to work a family: The Office of the selection of the jacket should not be too fancy, but the concise style into some details of the artful mind, and with a personalized exquisite single product, it can foil the travel in the work environment outside a touch of modern temperament.

2, elegant otaku type: Home Leisure Jacket is fastidious is the comfort, in the selection of clothes to match the first from the soft breathable and warm-good fabric start. Secondly, in color and style should not be exaggerated, should be clean color and casual features of the main style.

3, Urban Knight style: The line Hale, rugged shape, full of masculine atmosphere of the Knight outfit, but always young men have a style dress. Jacket jackets and leather trousers are filled with a wild sense of beauty, and straight-barrel boots will be decorated more upright with a bit of masculine charm.

4, Business Elite: The use of the business suit of the lean temperament, on this basis again covered with both the elite and casual style jacket, created by the semi formal attire, not only with a distinctive professional characteristics, but also with the fashion of personal dress style. Make the office clothes look more active and lively. The color of the jacket should be slightly darker than the suit, with a visually contracted effect that does not make the body look bloated.