Jackets Different

In the face of various coats of autumn bombing, the sisters want Jackets to wear distinctive, may try a jacket Ah ~ 10 jacket handsome, type, and very taste, Jackets any style can be a lap! Whether you take a T-shirt, a shirt, dresses, etc. can be oh, simple and not losing style, super recommended!

1. The Winter PU leather lady jacket. Jackets Very suitable for autumn and winter collocation of the A locomotive leather, the merger of a Jackets handsome, the upper body and very taste, girls in a T-shirt, knitting, such as will be very type! Color from the classic black and white ash, refined metal zipper, simply perfect collocation, cost-effective, very worthy of a style!

2. Corduroy lapel jacket. The biggest Jackets highlight of this jacket is the choice of corduroy fabrics, retro simplicity and not losing style, comfort is also a great bar of the lapel, also has a warm eruption of the Japanese flavor, younger sister paper does not need to deliberately to match can wear out of a distinctive feeling, super recommended!

3. Small freshness Slim jacket. A simple and yet style corduroy jacket, small loose version of the type, no exaggeration of the shoulder-sleeve design, small body Jackets of the younger sister paper can easily ride. Pale gray, green color and skin pink Three colors are very warm atmosphere, the upper body is full of soft sister wind ~

4. Loose khaki-colored jacket. Small Loose edition type, the body is simple and has the Tide fan, the younger sister paper is put on minutes to wear the effect ~ short of the design, the effect of long leg of the rod, the fabric crisp, texture is also good, the cuff and the hem of the rope are rod, is very worthy of a A!

5. A white long sleeve denim jacket. Jackets Unlike the classic denim jacket styles, this design is more focused on cute, clothing body is full of overhangs creative labeling elements, with the texture of the cowboy bursting with a sense of fabric, really do not have a taste ~ drumstick zipper is added to the small details, is definitely strongly recommended Yo ~

6. Slim long sleeve clothing. Very suitable for spring and autumn locomotive leather jacket! Hale and handsome big lapel design, hem tie buckle ring, handsome, have type, and very taste, inside lap T-shirt, thin knitting and so on are very type, do not need to deliberately to match can wear out the feeling of distinctive, super recommended!

7. Do the old loose denim short jacket. First in the fabric, the selection of textured cotton denim, perfect expression profile ~ To do the old washing color, very suitable for the first autumn, the upper body is simple street Wind ~ Classic version of the design, inclusive degree is extremely good, but the irregular tailoring is TA add points highlight, with slim pants can be great!

8. Long sleeve washing short denim jacket. Early autumn is simply too much need such a jackets, the style of the short is just good, combined with self-cultivation of the locomotive type, modified figure rod of the fabric, is very textured denim cotton, hardware zipper is also very exquisite, no matter. The whole edition classic has the taste, very worthy of the girls one!

9. Student Tide loose long sleeve jacket. The whole is the a jacket jacket with the academy's Wind age, the length of the hips perfectly demonstrated the style of tooling, the upper body is a cool feeling ~ pure color clothes, with big clamshell pocket decoration, is also very practical, sewing thread is added to the small details ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10. Loose embroidery baseball suits in autumn. The most can't bear to refuse in early autumn is the baseball dress bar, fresh and simple pure color clothes body, and behind the embroidery flower case is added a sharp tool ~ Loose version of the design, in the visual footprint of the cheap, also do not pick people wearing ~ fabric crisp, comfort is also absolute, the younger sister paper can be worn to the concave shape ~