Jackets Design Is Divided Into

A Jacket is a translation of a Jacket in English. Short coat and coat. The earliest (around the 14th century or so) refers to the outer garment of the waist, long sleeves, open body or pullover. It can be a single piece or a suit. But with the development of The Times, the term now refers to a variety of fabrics, all kinds of short coats, leisure garments.

Design is divided into

Quilted jacket

Dark blue short style, small jacket is concise and stylish, thin cotton passes quilted design without heavy, tie-in plaid trousers, build the taste of British style.

Casual jacket:

The nylon jacket is a must for travel and is comfortable and easy to carry. This map pattern jacket is very creative, the combination of warm color is highlighted easy, easy life style. Lapel jacket:

The zippered jacket is also a military uniform, or a Harley motorcycle jacket and a rock jacket. The neckline is a key part of the design, with a fastener or zipper that can be combined with a warm coat at any time. It can also be used to erect a collar or a scarf to protect against wind and warmth.

Rider's jacket:

The car jacket that emphasizes broad shoulders to collect lumbar line is adopted, this season is mostly bright color mainly, the zipper of zipper and shoulder is done adornment also

Sex is dye-in-the-wood. Compared with the heroic uniform wind, the image is more changeable.

Safari jacket:

Nylon fabrics are more sven than the usual leather and water wash jackets. The two bottom of the hem of the bag design chic, double adornment and practical.

Bomber jackets:

Since Tom in "top gun" in the United States air force A - 2 flight jacket so that the bomber jacket on popular, bomber jackets are always the important design objects each big brand of qiu dong.

Down jacket

The derivative of jacket, it is the material of duck down, goose down or cotton, the design is wide

Loose chest, tight sleeves, tight hem and other styles, combined with down and jacket to keep warm, the new type of winter clothes. To keep warm and slim fit together, catering to the wearer of the down jacket looks more bulky and needs more close-fitting market demand.

Down jacket generally have a cardigan, cultivate one's morality design, and the warm clear cotton nylon, feather as a bladder or fillers, such as utilizing the comfortable wind materials such as polyester, polyamide fiber, make the advantages of this kind of clothes will be warm, fit. It features "warmer than a down, more stylish than a jacket".

The down jacket has the following three characteristics.

Unique Asian version

According to the analysis of Asian body type statistical data, fully consider length, chest circumference, shoulder seam, side seam

, before and after the girth, cuffs, hem, nest, before and after the position and the structure of the human body in particular, in areas such as the improvement based on European and American size down jacket before version to design, develop suitable for Asian body and aesthetic unique jacket version.

Perfect close-fitting distance

USES the international fashion industry the most popular three-dimensional shard in tailoring technology, create perfect close distance to show the shape of a finger width, fully reflects the perfect body type, and can save the maximum air temperature.

Cross-boundary material splicing

Light and dark dust coat cloth close to joining together, needle woven together, polyester and faux fur splicing, wool and polyester, shoulder the joining together of jacquard fabrics such as corduroy and the sea tiger fur splicing in the cap, joining together of a variety of materials and fabrics, personality, creative visual perception is plural, make autumn/winter fashion particularly.