How To Choose Ski Equipment?

Ski wear: the standard ski clothing should be lightweight, warm, windproof snow, comfort fit, without prejudice to the principle of minimizing wind resistance. Color should be chosen more colored ski clothing, can not only add glamour and more importantly when avalanches or lost while waiting for the event to find provide eye-catching signs. In addition, the lingerie selection of wire made of Pu fiber material fitting, breathable and sweat molecules revealing underwear, so that it is not easy to chill after the sweaty.

Ski boots: good snow boots for ankle lock tightly, but not foot. Worth noting is that most of the shoes will have a slight expansion after a period of time, so when you choose new shoes should not be too large, and to feel a tight package. In addition, different shoes for different slide style, high-speed hard snow boots are needed to provide adequate support and stability, like something the riders can choose lighter, softer style, easy to do substantial action.