Ski maintenance of common sense: clothes cleaning exposure over enough is enough

Ski maintenance of common sense:

At 30 degrees and neutral washing liquid, soaking in warm water, then brush with a soft brush of dirty, into a drum-type washing machine, low-speed wash and rinse with warm water again three or four times, Li water, light, ventilated place to dry.

To minimise pilling on the surface, can be turned over both sides of the fabric cleaning, and close all Velcro to prevent galling of the Gill surface scratching the fabric.

Functional fabric should use special detergent soak cleaning.

Recover the effect of anti-splashing in clean dry, with temperature in steam iron.

Washing and collection should also note: clean and as dry as possible, insects and mildew, hid the suitcase cabinets to a clean, dry, seal, clothing should not be squeezed for a long time storage.

Sun clothes enough is enough to avoid long-term ultraviolet exposure.