Polar Fleece +TPU+ mesh fabric composite fabric demand

Recent temperatures, seasonal fabrics in demand. It is understood that the weaving market Mall in winter fabrics in China adapt to the season to have a good luck. Among them, a casual rich, warm and good "polar fleece +TPU+ mesh fabric composite fabric" is pretty show grace in the recent market, buyers in droves, both spot snap up and bulk orders.

Polar Fleece +TPU+ mesh fabric, fabric: 100% polyester 100D/144F fleece; Middle: transparency through 0.015mmTPU; bottom material: 75D wire mesh cloth. Craft unique, advanced dyeing and finishing technology, waterproof: JIS L1092/EN20811/AATCC-127 mmH2O ≥ 10000 polar fleece +TPU+ mesh cloth composite material both fresh, and a hazy feeling. The fabric, with its strong emotional, soft and its warm, pressure-free occupation pin city highlights. The fabric width is 56/57 inches, weighing more than 300 g per meter is now market wholesale price is about 30.00 per meter, color-rich, can make people buy. This product is suitable for children's wear jackets to ensure washing and peeling strength, is wind and rain breathable breathable warm cold light green high quality fabric, is also widely used in various types of ski jackets, mountaineering, skiing gloves, protective clothing, multifunctional uniforms and other clothing. Load into upper body, light keep warm without feeling bloated. Local merchants have goods.