Outdoor clothing three outermost layers dress

Outer garments the most important are waterproof, breathable and windproof, warm function, in addition to the outside world beyond minimizing the health effects of extreme weather events also can excrete body moisture, avoid letting water vapor [sweat] condensing in the Middle, unable to resist external insulation to reduce the environment temperature or cold air.

Currently best of outer clothing is while has waterproof and breathable function of clothes, general market Shang of waterproof breathable clothes, in after "dry static" of environment Xia test, results are similar almost, but rarely people will note to in "wet dynamic" of environment Xia, is in actual of outdoor activities environment Xia, various waterproof breathable material of waterproof breathable function of differences sex is is big of.

So when you buy clothes with waterproof breathable function should be consideration to the practical needs of the users, select suitable clothes!

In for outdoor activities Shi, we body wear of clothes to can protection himself not by weather changes of effect, so select of when should attention clothes of function sex, and not too concern various clothes of style and color; in purchase zhiqian should first wants to good you of personal needs degree, and using range, and using who of Hardy degree, to most economic of price select for of outdoor clothing.