Clothing from the inside guide to buy a middle-tier

If the base layer is the second skin of outdoor adventure, then the middle tier is your manager of microclimates and heat. Usually it is a good set of tiered dress in the most easily overlooked parts. Most of the time it is very easy to understand, for example, you do not need to be based at a high temperature layer added between the outer and middle layer. Once in the winter, however, you should never simply feel free to add a thermal jacket outside the base layer, because you will be in a variety of circumstances cannot regulate their own body temperature and encountered a problem.

Based on this consideration, what should you choose? A good middle-tier can adventure on the way to continuing to divert from the underlying layers instead of block moisture. And the application of extreme cold, heat insulation is King, you need to have a higher weight than fluffy and good thermal insulation of clothing. Finally, in the budget (to be honest, we're not Wang Sicong), can achieve good thermal insulation and moisture rare. If you are looking to sweat like a soft fleece and warm clothing like a feather, a number of new synthetic materials and mixed-fibre clothing you may be looking for direction.